We’re Hoban Press – three printmakers running a tiny letterpress shop specializing in minimal printing for creative individuals and small businesses.

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Hoban Cards

I'm especially excited for our recent collaboration with Sarah Barrett. Her artwork looks stunning letterpress printed and makes for the perfect mix of elegance and uniqueness on a card. For each order, she letters your name by hand (we do not use a font for these) and then submits a high resolution scan. We then create a letterpress plate from her artwork to produce the final printed piece. A memorable mix of Letterpress printing and Calligraphy.

We are offering three styles in both single and double sided versions over at Hoban Cards. Here's a quick breakdown of each style:

  • The Wayward (Double Sided / Single Sided)
    The Wayward's lettering style has a modern letterform that can come off as both fun and lighthearted while also elegant and professional.

  • The Vagabond (Double Sided / Single Sided)
    The Vagabond features a more bold, utilitarian letterform that's reminiscent of the broad brushstrokes of classic signage lettering with a bit of its own flair.

  • The Valentina (Double Sided / Single Sided)
    The Valentina is has more whimsy of the three styles. But, its strokes are also a bit rustic. The most striking characteristic is the ornate swashes and exagagerated descenders.

Even though we are currently featuring these styles on Hoban Cards, we can also use and adapt them for custom work for business cards, note cards and wedding invitations / stationery.