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Six New Hoban Cards Designs

Six New Hoban Cards Designs

The Writer

I'm extremely excited to announce at the end of 2014 I was able to quit my day job as a web developer to focus 100% of my time on Hoban Press and Hoban Cards. (Yippee!!) I'm looking forward to releasing new products and designs more regularly.

Today I'm releasing six new letterpress printed calling card templates at Hoban Cards. Here's a short description of, and link to, the new templates available — all starting at $75.

  • The Esquire
    A bordered card fit for a classy professional. While a great all around conservative choice, this template would work especially well for someone involved in law or finance.

  • The Professor
    This mini-card, measuring in at 86mm x 34mm is typeset in one of my all time favorite fonts: Columbia Titling. These are a more dressed up version of the The Bijou (below).

  • The Trade Card
    Perhaps my favorite of the new bunch, these UK sized cards are also typeset in Columbia Titling and are designed to lean toward a business card, rather than a calling card.

  • The Minimalist
    These modern cards are fantastically balanced and sophisticated. The medium grey ink and wide tracking really set them off.

  • The Bijou
    'Bijou' is a great word. It means a small piece of craftsmanship. A fitting name for these mini cards typeset in a wonderful modern font called Effra.

  • The Writer (pictured above)
    I'm not a writer, but if I were, I'd pick these ones. Trustworthy, balanced, and warm are a few adjectives that come to mind when I see this one. gold-brown ink on cream stock.

On Sale

Two templates that were previously at the $75 price point are currently on sale for $50. Checkout the much loved Typewriter Card and The Scholar.